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Health reform has a lot of moving parts. Will you be getting a subsidy? Do I qualify for a subsidy? Can I get coverage without a subsidy/ What are the minimum Benefits?

There are lots of questions and we are here to help you. There is never a charge for our service and whenever you decide on a plan we will guide you thru the enrollment process. Our platform has insured more than 2 MILLION People since 2001. You will have the same agent for the lifetime of the policy. Our agents are FULLY licensed by the state of your residence. We never sell your information to a third party.

Do You Know the Minimum Benefits and features in Obamacare?


There is a long lost of benefits called the " Essential Minimum Benefits". These benefits are standard in ALL plans on the exchange. You also CANNOT be denied coverage regardless if you have a shoebox full of pills.

The plans will Vary from state to state but in general you cannot get a better deal by going direct to all plans are price fixed. With using a brokerage you will have some customer service available if you need anything in the future.

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  • " Buying Clothes online is fine but insurance requires a professional. "

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  • " Get all the facts straight before you enroll. You life depends on it !! "

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