What Network best fits me?

HMO plans are generally the most cost effective however you will need to stay in the network and get referals from you HMO doctor before you go see a specialist. If you prefer going to your doctor of choice, you might want to consider a PPO plan.


PPO plans offer the most flexibility. You still will have a network, but you will not need to see your primary care Doctor before you see a specialist.

You the ability to go outside the network with higher cost sharing.


What is the difference in Networks?

HMO- An HMO is a health maintenance organization. It is a kind of health insurance. An HMO offers many kinds of health care services to its members. In return, members (and their employers) pay a fixed cost each month for these services. HMOs are sometimes called health plans or managed care organizations. With an HMO you MUST stay in network.

POS A POS Insurance Plan is an insurance plan that allows the insured person to choose providers or specialists with the POS plan's network s referred by their primary care physician, or to self-refer to a provider outside the network. The insured person will receive the highest level of benefits if it uses providers inside the network. With POS health insurance you have greater freedom, but at a higher cost


A PPO is a preferred provider organization. It is a kind of health insurance.

If you use a PPO, typically you have more doctors and hospitals available to you compared to people who are in an HMO. PPO members can use doctors and hospitals who are not in the health plan’s network. However, if members go to doctors and hospitals outside of the network, they pay more for the services

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